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  • 360° Video
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  • 360° Video
  • Unity3D
  • Beyond Metrics

Case description

In an effort to enhance the experience of conference stands and brand experiences we make navigable Virtual Reality tours.

By combining 360° footage and real-time 3D rendered assets the user can get information about products by simply looking at them.

You can try a non-interactive version right here


We capture 360° footage on location either in a video or in high resolution images.

This material would later be stitched together into a spherical projection and be used as an virtual reality environment.

Using Unity3D we create points of interest that expand when the user looks at them for a set amount of time.

360° Camera rig

01.Filming 360° video

Using our 360° rig equipped with 6 GoPro cameras we film on several locations to give the viewer multiple angles or places to go to.

Using video editing software we stitch the video into a spherical projection to be used in the Unity3D engine.

Movement interface for the 360° Virtual Reality app

02.Moving around

To let users decide when and where they are going we includ a movement interface.

This interface is controlled by looking directly at the objects. These interface can be made custom to represent floorplans or the direction of the next shot.

Aditional information in the VR experience

03.Interactive information

Using the same method the user can view information on the products on display.

The panels have the product information of the specific product on display or can be video on the product.

Mode selection menu

04.Two flavours

The final product can be viewed in two modes. The first mode uses a cardboard to view the reticles in actual 3D. The second mode uses the entire screen to let the user look around.

03.Promo video

To give a good overview of our 360° product we have created a promotional video.

You can also preview one of our shots here.