Beautiful interactive 3D visualisation

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  • Advin


  • 3D Touchscreen application
  • 3-step project visualisation


  • Unity3D
  • 3ds Max
  • Photoshop

Case description

When a road is being build or rebuild, local residents often wonder what will happen and what the result will be.

With this in mind Beyond Reality created an interactive "glimps into the future" of the infrastructure, where layers of time can be selected to see the planned outcome.


We received 2D CAD drawings that we used as reference and build our 3D content on.

Simultaniously we developed a intuitive touchscreen user interface to move through the 3D scenes and step through different moments in the infrastructure project.

Advin greybox area example


In projects such as these one of the first steps is creating the so called "Greybox". A simplified version of the final model from which we can make decisions on what level of detail to use.

3D visualization of the road works in the Advin application

02.Detailing and Prefabs

After creating the final model and adding textures and materials, we commence with detailing the set. The use of prefabrications (or prefabs) is a common technique used in our projects. These are small items like a lamppost or traffic sign which we can reuse in the same scene to quickly and efficiently populate an environment and bring it to life.


The project is now ready to be deployed into the field. An information centre, a conference, you name it. The flexibility of the system allows it to be quickly placed and transported to different locations and the intuitive controls make sure everyone knows whats going on!