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  • SOP
  • Sanoma
  • Solar
  • Sakura


  • 3D Animations
  • 2D Animations


  • After Effects CC
  • Blender
  • Photoshop CC
  • Animate CC

Case description

To make a brand stand out or give information on a product, we do custom 2D and 3D animations.

These animations go through concept, storyboard, pre and post production. Our animations can be high end and eleborate or quick and to the point, whichever works best for your story.


At the start of the animation process we sit with the client to find out what their goals are. This can be about a brand being presented as tough and rugged or a product that should feel soft and sweet.

With these goals in mind we start by concepting and creating a moodboard. When the feeling is right in the concept a storyboard for the animation can be created and, with feedback along the way, finalized into the finished animation.



Using images from the client and quick renders we define the overall style of the animation.

The client is able to see a glimpse of the final product before we start animating. With the concept images the client can be reassured that the final product will have the desired look and feel.

3D greybox for the decadence world


With the overall story and intended message in mind an storyboard is created to communicate the story flow with the client. This storyboard will be finalized with feedback and will be the leading document through the rest of the process.

Lines of code for the Toshiba sales and traing application

03.Rough cut

Using low-res images and placeholder graphics we create an playblast of the final product to check pacing and motions. The rough cut is the last place for a client to make changes to the overal animation and style. From this point rendering of 3D image sequences and 2D animations are made final.

Custom interface for the Toshiba sales and traing application

04.Post production

When the renders are completed the final step of the process can start.

Using After Effects CC we composite, color correct and edit the animation to a final product that includes all the goals set in the concepting stage.

05.Final product

With the final renders and post production the final product is created. Animations can combine 3D, 2D and live action footage to create the desired product.

The video above is a compilation of some of the projects we have done. This video can also be viewed here.