Beyond Retail


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  • Retail sector


  • 3D Simulations
  • Augmented reality
  • Interactive storefronts


  • Unity3D
  • Blender
  • Photoshop

Case description

In an effort to make stores more interactive, appealing and interesting we develop apps and hardware solutions that give physical stores an edge on online stores or online stores more interesting.

These solutions include interactive store fronts, projection mapping, augmented reality setups and interactive store interfaces. All these solutions work with the products in the stores and are made custom for the store or product.


When we are approached by retail parties we setup a meeting to get a feel for the store/products.

After such a meeting we will develop concept sketches and renders to visualize the wishes and ideas from the meeting.

3D virtual online store

01.3D stores

To make online stores more interesting and give the user a better idea of the product we can create full 3D stores.

Within these stores a user is able to walk around freely and all the products can be viewed from every angle.

Projection mapping on mannequin

02.Projection mapping

To show many possibilities and designs without the need of the physical object we can use projection mapping.

With this technique we can fully customize objects to have different visual properties.

Interactive storefront projection

03.Interactive storefront

Rather than having a static storefront in which only a number of available products can be shown we create solutions to let customers get more insight in to the store.

This solution can have many applications such as product previews and newsletter registrations even if the store it self is closed.

Projection mapping for Hunkemöller

04.Promotional animations

Using projection mapping we are able to animate a stores existing interior.

These animations can be used in promotional applications inside or outside the store. They can help breath life into products and stores without any permanent changes.

05.Retail 2.0

Using all these techniques we can make an old store feel fresh and new again.

All our solutions are custom and tailor made to the clients specifications.