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Interactive Storefront

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  • Beyond Reality


  • Touch interface
  • Interactive Storefront
  • Photo Kiosk


  • Unity3D
  • Photoshop

Case description

For the retail branche we've developed a platform that allows storekeepers to have a 24/7 interface in their store, both with informative and entertainment possibilities.

A combination of touch foil and beamer provides an extra dimension to a storefront. Add a camera and you can do all kinds of fun stuff!


This is a collaboration between us and Pro Systems, where they developed a compact solution for the projector and pc and we took care of the interactive software.

Compact interactive storefront solution

01.A Compact Solution

Placing projectors and computers in a storefront is often a hassle with a lot of cables or restricted placement possibilities.

In cooperation with Pro Systems a compact solution is developed which is extremely mobile and can be placed anywhere in the store.

Interactive storefront UPC

02.Multi-touch Window

By placing a multi-touch foil on the storefront window, users can access it from the outside which gives storekeepers a 24/7 exposure.

The size of this foil varies in size, from 30 cm to up to 2 meters!

03.Endless Possibilities

The software can be custom made to your every need.

We have created a variety of photo apps, video browsers, websites and even realtime 3D virtual tours!