Experience Volendam

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  • Experience Volendam


  • 3D Virtual Reality/Live Action Experience
  • Curved Screen Experience
  • Oculus Rifts Hardware Setup


  • Unity3D
  • Oculus Rift
  • Blender, 3ds Max
  • Photoshop

Case description

After years of preparation, the international touristic Experience Volendam has opened it's doors 10/1/2015 on 'de Dijk' in Volendam.

Beyond Reality has created multiple experiences for this project including a unique Virtual Reality tour through 1916 (the year in which a large flooding took place).


After a lot of brainstorming and concepting, together with Leon Wennekes and Moodfactory, we came up with an idea using a unique combination of Virtual Reality and Live Action actors.

It was pretty clear from the start that the show needed to take place in 1916, when Volendam was flooded.

Oculus rift in the Volendam Experience

01.Script and Concepting

Because the viewer can take part of the story in VR instead of just looking at it we wanted to create a concept and story that would put those options into service.

We made sure that the concept and script would not only work in Virtual Reality but also use all its technical advantages.

Onsite refference material collection

02.Reference Material

To realistically create Volendam of 1916 in 3D we needed reference material.

Using a lot of old photos from the photoclub Volendam, and by boarding one of the three remaining 'Kwak' boats we got a very clear picture of what it was like back then.

Volendam dyke greybox


By starting with 'greyboxing' our scenes we could determine our route in the story and efficiently start detailing our points of interest.

Stereo camera greenscreen setup

04.Live Action

By creating our own stereo-camera setup and software tools we were able to preview the actors live in early versions of our 3D scenes. This allowed us to position the actors correctly and let them interact with the 3D props.

3D rendering of the virtual reality experience

05.Detailing and Effects

Detailing of the enviroments, props and effects continued throughout the course of the project.
The end result is a beautiful unique Virtual Reality Experience in a photorealistic Volendam in 1916.

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