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Boardroom control application

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  • FB Hout


  • Boardroom control application
  • Branded touchscreen environment
  • Animations


  • Photoshop CC
  • Unity3D
  • StarLeaf API
  • Crestron API

Case description

The experience- and board- room at FB Hout were renewed and expanded with an branded boardroom

The boardroom controls were all converted to a mobile device with multiple modes to accommodate all the different functionalities. Using the mobile device all de different controllers are now on one device.


To bring boardrooms to the next level we collaborated with Pro Systems to make every image branded and accessed via a custom UI.

Using our knowledge of mobile development and the expertise in hardware at Pro Systems, we were able to reduce the complexity of the User Experience(UX), Integrating several subsystems into one coherent and branded application.



To show the possibilities of the final product we made a quick render of a potential design.

Within this concept the different functionalities and possibilities were explored and added or discarded. With the final functions confirmed we could start making a prototype. From the working prototype the final branded boardroom was formulated.

3D greybox for the decadence world


For the project multiple functionalities were needed to be integrated into the touchscreen and the mobile application.

For conference calls we integrated the StarLeaf API to work in both the touchscreen application and the mobile application. Crestron functions were included in the mobile app to handle the multiple hardware solutions incorporated in the board room. As a custom solution a double camera setup was installed to show the layouts made on the table with the different types of wood available from FB Hout.

Lines of code for the Toshiba sales and traing application

03.One device to rule them all

Because of the increasing complexity of the boardroom a mobile application was created to integrate all the functionalities into one device. This device only displays the active/accessible functionalities in the current mode and the option to switch modes. The mobile application can also set restrictions for the use of the boardroom by visitors.

Custom interface for the Toshiba sales and traing application

04.Ultrawide welcomescreen

As a unique feature the FB Hout experience room boasts a double wide signage screen setup.

The screens are setup as a single interactive screen that can be controlled realtime to display custom animations about the history of FB Hout and personalized welcome messages for clients.

Custom interface for the Toshiba sales and traing application

05.Final product

The final boardroom is controllable from a single mobile device or with the 4k touchscreen. It can be used for conference calls, video recording with 2 different cameras and to create moodboards that are E-mailed to a desired adres

The ultrawide screen has custom animations and can be adjusted to the visiting clients name, logo and country of origin.