Ziggo Gamechangers

Interactive Video Overlay

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  • Ziggo


  • Video Overlay
  • Interactive Dancefloor


  • Unity3D
  • Blender
  • Photoshop

Case description

Ziggo approached us to come up with an idea to interact with the crowd at a festival event. They wanted to include 'gamechangers', people who contributed to a big change in the world of today.

We created an interactive dancefloor with video overlay, on which you could dance together with Einstein, Ghandi or one of the others.


We simultaniously worked on two separate parts of the project.

The video overlay technique, which features an editor to mimic on site lighting conditions and camera position.

And the 3d characters with dance animations, to be real time controlled using a gamecontroller.

Configuration application for the gamechangers

01.The Video Overlay

Many video ovelay projects are planned at a specific location with a fixed camera and controlled lighting conditions.

This project was a bit different. Since the location on site was not fixed and could change, we needed a solution for that.

We added an editor environment to the video overlay software, in which we could adjust camera positions and change lighting conditions.

3D models of the Gamechangers

02.The Gamechangers

The Gamechangers were the stars of the show, famous people who contributed greatly to the changes in todays world. Think about Einstein or Ghandi.

We recreated these people as 3D models. Each model could be individually controlled by using a game controller. We could make them dance, walk around and interact with people.

03.The Event

At the actual event we could easily set up the stage: position the camera, match the lighting, and start the show!

We tricked people into thinking that the characters would react to glittering diademes if they put them on, while in fact we had a team of 'puppeteers' controlling them with a gamecontroller.