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  • Gasunie


  • Smartapp
  • 3D Walkthrough
  • Augmented Reality Viewer


  • Unity3D
  • Blender
  • Photoshop

Case description

Gasunie GOS is an app that expands technical drawings of a Gas Delivery Station to show more insight in the different parts.

We used Augmented Reality and 3D walkthroughs to visualise the entire building as well as several parts underground.


Gasunie approached us with their wish to have an app that could show extra and more visual information on technical drawings.

They provided us with laser scans and point cloud data with which we went to work.

Technical drawings for refference

01.Technical Drawing

The technical drawing of the GOS is a rather complex overview which would most likely confuse people who are not actively working with them.

Augmented Reality visualization of the building

02.AR Viewer

With the use of point cloud data and laser scanned environment we remodelled the entire station as well as parts underground.

Using Augmented Reality, the technical drawing could be used as a marker, on which the created 3D models would appear.

Moving closer to the drawing would reveil the underground parts as well.

3D virtual representation of the building

02.3D Walkthrough

To move even closer, we also implemented a 3D walkthrough in the app, allowing the user to virtually walk in and around the GOS.

By tapping around, the user can find additional information and details.

Main menu of th Gasunie GOS app

04.Gasunie GOS app

All these parts were combined into a crossplatform app, with responsive menus and extra features like timelapse videos.

Oculus rift for the Gasunie GOS project

04.Virtual Reality Compatible

The walkthrough was build in such a way that it could be easily converted to a true Virtual Reality experience using the Oculus Rift.