GCCS 2015

Navigation and Animation

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  • Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken /
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs


  • 3D Touchscreen application
  • 3-step project visualisation


  • Unity3D
  • 3ds Max
  • Photoshop

Case description

In 2015 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands (Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken) organised the Global Conference on CyberSpace or GCCS.

We were tasked with creating an interactive map for navigation, as well as several Augmented Reality animations which were used to illustrate the different subjects.


The project consisted out of three different parts: Augmented Reality, Interactive Map and 3D Character Animations.

Each of them requiring a different technique to create.

Augmented Reality marker stands

01.Augmented Reality

Troughout the conference several 'scanning-points' were placed to help people navigate.

The banners at these points could be scanned using our Augmented Reality engine IN2AR to determine their position.

Each banner needed to be designed in such a way that their appearance to the engine was unique, therefor we used a lot of geometric images which also result in a lot of 'points' for more steady tracking.

02.Interactive Map

Now the user could determine their location, but they did not know where to go from there.

For that purpose we created a fully interactive 3d map, where they could see where they are and where they needed to go.

Click here or the image above to try it!

03.3D Character Animations

The final part was the creating of 3D character animations for the rest of the app.

Several categories and explanations were pointed out by a mascotte we designed: Phonie.

You can check one of those animations above.