Virtual Product Placement

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  • Spaberry


  • Augmented Reality
  • Interactive Product


  • Unity3D
  • Blender
  • Photoshop

Case description

The Spaberry Virtual Placement app shows an array of Spaberry hottubs using Augmented Reality.

The user can choose different colors or prints, control the water level and even turn on the jets.

Get the app for Android or iOS.


For this project there were no CAD drawings or 3D models available.

Therefore we used photomapping to lay out an overview and started modeling from there.
Actual video footage was shot on site and later used in the virtual water.

3D model of the SpaBerry tub

01.Creating the tub

Due to the lack of CAD information or other drawings, we used a technique where we use photos to get a spatial image of the tub.

From there we worked our way to a full 3D model.

Texture capturing for the SpaBerry Augmented Reality app

02.Creating the water

An indispensible part of a hottub is water ofcourse.

Due to the deployment platform being mobile devices, things like actual water simulation would be way too heavy to run.

For that purpose we wrote a custom water shader to which we applied video footage from one of the hottubs.

Augmented Reality sales app

02.Creating the app

We took these parts, combined them with our Augmented Reality engine IN2AR, and put them into an app.

By adding an interface where the user can choose colors and control the jets and water level, we created an extra level of interactivity.