Toshiba Virtual Infinix-i

Realistic medical simulation

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  • Toshiba Medical Europe


  • 3D Simulation
  • Accurate motions and collisions
  • Device selection


  • Unity3D
  • Blender
  • Photoshop

Case description

Medical equipment is often large, expensive, and hard to bring with you to a sales pitch. Toshiba Medical Europe approached us, asking for a solution to this problem.

We designed a fully functional simulator, which can be controlled using the actual controlpanel of the device. On top of that we put all of that into a custom flightcase along with a high performance laptop and a custommade tablestand.


The important part of this project, was to show the highlights of the device, the Unique Selling Points. What makes this one better than the competition.

We started with visiting hospitals which had the devices in use. To examine them and the record the motions and collisions.

Toshiba real-life setup

01.Measurements and motions

To recreate an accurate simulation we needed to have all the parameters and measurements of the devices.

This meant reading through extensive manuals, recording motions on location and communicating with technical personell.

3D model for Toshiba sales and traing application

02.Converting models

Using CAD drawings for reference we remodelled each device and gave them proper materials. Extra care had to be taken with all the pivot points of each part, since the motions turned out to be pretty complex.

Lines of code for the Toshiba sales and traing application


Each complex motion needed to be carefully programmed, along with proper collision detection to prevent any unwanted accidents.

Custom interface for the Toshiba sales and traing application


Since we wanted to use the original controller from the device , called "Hyperhandle", we needed to rebuild it to be able to communicate with a regular computer.

We took it apart and got a new electronic board designed. Now every button could be detected and used in the simulator.

05.The Package

To be able to take the simulator along on the road we needed a portable solution.
We designed a custom tablestand for the Hyperhandle and put everything into a segmented flightcase so it can be carried along with ease!