Henri Willig



Henri Willig


Augmented Reality App
Handy cookbook with recipes
Cheese scanner




Henri Willig is a traditional manufacturer of cheese.

When they planned to change their branding style we were approached to create an augmented reality app to accompany that change.

The app can be used to scan the labels of each cheese they sell, after which a nice animation appears and a recipe is being shown.


The requirements for the app were quite clear from the beginning: fun but also practical, multilingual and accessible.

With these in mind we started with the designs and concepts, and came up with an app which had all these features.


The Fun Part

Augmented reality is a great way to add that amazing feeling to an app, which is exactly what we were looking for in this app.

When looking at a label of one of the many types of Henri Willig cheese, a fun little animation pops up around that cheese. It even detects which animal to show according to the milk thats used in the production.


The Practical Part

To add reusability to the app we designed a cooking book with recipes which can be created using the cheeses of Henri Willig.

This part is usable in both the Augmented Reality environment and as a 2D experience, so the user can look them up at any time.


The Accessible Part

The farms of Henri Willig are visited by a broad range of nationalities, so naturally the app needs to be accessible by each of them.

Our solution was to create a multilingual app where at any moment the user could switch between languages and share the amazing experience.