The LNG Experience

Case Description:

In cooperation with STC we’ve created a virtual environment called the LNG Experience.

Our team worked proudly to build the core of this project within 4 months and we succeeded.

LNG Experience is a virtual simulation built in Unity 5 for HTC VIVE. A full in-house production. It serves as an educational program for students who are studying at the STC-Group to learn how to control a ship with the LNG’s engine design. So, when something goes wrong in the ship’s engine, the student will get a new task with information on how to fix the problem, what protocol to follow or where to look.


This is a step forward because in real life it is too dangerous to train people in a practical way on those ships. With our program, they can now make the mistakes they can’t make in real life and that’s where the students are able to learn more than from only books. We are planning on accomplishing more of these projects to create a better, safer and most important, a realistic learning environment.


STC-Group created a training program for the LNG’s engine design before we got in contact. After our first meeting, it became clear what STC-group wanted and so we started off together, concepting, gathering samples, information and all the details of everything we wanted to include in the experience. Together we created ReaLNG Experience.

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